Making Reward Video Ads Work Towards IAP

As someone who constantly interacts with mobile / web gaming app developers, I have witnessed the constant struggle to ensure monetization strategy is offering you additional revenue growth. However, with the right planning, video ads can pay off and even result in increased in-app purchases (IAP). Wondering how to make this work for your own app? We’ll share some tips and practices that will get you started on the right track.

Understanding Reward Video Ads

When you have video ads, your players get some kind of incentive in exchange for spending time watching a non-skippable ad. The reward might be points, gold, or some other type of virtual good. Most of the time, these ads run for 10 or 15 seconds with the ending offering a call-to-action meant to persuade the player to install the app featured in the advertisement.

Effectiveness of Rewarded Video Ads

If you want players to be interested in ads in your game, rewarded video is the best option. Players actually enjoy interacting with the ad because they get something out of it. Players get a reward for watching but can also watch ads only when they want to do so. Studies show that over 70% of players prefer a video ad that offers free content, while more than 60% will regularly interact with these ads to get a reward in the game.

What was also found though is that players who interact with video ads are four times more likely to spend money on IAP. That’s pretty massive and shows why having rewarded video ads is essential for a mobile game. The ads are less intrusive since players choose when to use them and only interested users see them, which often makes them high-value installs by engaged players.

Getting the Most Out of Rewarded Ads

What you want is for the rewarded video ads to be placed in the game where they enhance game play and create a situation where players want to return again and again. This can be done with careful planning of when the offers are available. Players tend to feel special when these videos come up upon level up or when the game’s story progresses.

Options for Placing Reward Video Ads

One of the simplest places to put reward video ads is in the in-game store. The only downfall of this choice is that players who have no plans to spend money may never venture into this section of the game. However, if they do, it allows you to monetize things without asking for real cash.

Another option is to incorporate the ads at the end of a mission where the reward is doubled if the player watches a video. Another choice is offering the chance to try a level over again by watching a video. Some games also incorporate a system where players get hints for watching a reward video ad.

Why Reward Video Ads Boost IAP Spending

After a player uses reward videos to get premium content, it makes it more likely that they will move on to purchasing in-game currency or other bonuses. Having the chance to sample that content makes them realize it’s value. These reasons are exactly why your game needs reward video ads to improve revenue.