Mid-Year Review of Rewarded Video Ad Performance – 2023

Mid-Year Review of Rewarded Video Ad Performance – 2023

We’ve hit the halfway mark of 2023! Time to put on our detective hats and investigate the performance of Rewarded Video Ads. These sneaky little things have been playing a major role in Ad Earnings. We made some educated guesses at the start of the year, and now we’re back to check our work and tweak our predictions for the rest of the year.

Before we dive in, let’s decode some jargon:

Video Ad Fill Rate – sounds fancy, right? It’s just the rate at which we get successful video ad requests. This rate loves to play hide and seek based on location. North America and Western Europe are the popular kids with high demand, leading to higher fill rates. But, there are party poopers like Privacy Compliance, Unique Identifier IDs, and Ad matching that can bring the fill rates down by a whopping 20%.

Next up, CPM, or the cost per thousand video impressions. Geography is the star player here too. Top-tier markets like North America and Western Europe are the big leagues, with demand outstripping third and fourth-tier markets by tenfold. The figures we have are rough estimates, so don’t bet your house on them!

So, what’s the scoop from the first half of 2023?

Rewarded Video Ad CPM












We noticed a dip in CPM values, especially on mobile platforms in North America, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia. Maybe it’s the privacy targeting or retargeting issues playing spoilsport, but we saw a 20% reduction in CPM across the board.

Rewarded Video Ad Fill-Rate












This is where we have seen the biggest variations, mainly due to the ever changing privacy rules and accompanying consent requirements.

What’s the outlook for Rewarded Video Ad Performance for the remaining of 2023?

  1. As more and more businesses start to recognize the importance of privacy and begin to integrate consent management platforms into their operations, we can expect to see a slight but noticeable increase in the Fill Rate. This is a direct result of companies aligning more closely with privacy rules and regulations.
  2. The Ad Budget that was cautiously spent in the first half of 2023 is projected to become more flexible in the coming months. This relaxation in spending is anticipated to stimulate an upward trend in Cost Per Mille (CPMs), which could potentially lead to higher revenues.
  3. The overall state of the economy, with particular emphasis on factors such as inflation and Federal rates in the United States, will play a significant role in determining whether companies decide to increase or decrease their budgets. This is a dynamic situation and the final outcome remains uncertain at this point.

In summary, we are confident that the current situation will either maintain its course or see improvements as firms like AppLixir adeptly handle consent management, tackle user privacy issues, and leverage the advantages of superior Prebid platforms. For further insights on potential earnings from Rewarded Video Ads, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@applixir.com.