Rewarded Video Ads for Website Monetization

Why Rewarded Video Ads?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital advertising, innovative formats continually emerge to boost user engagement and revenue generation. One such promising approach is the use of rewarded video ads. Borrowing from the success of this format in app environments, rewarded video ads have now made their way to websites, opening new avenues for monetization.

Understanding Rewarded Video for Websites

Rewarded video ads are large-format, overlay-style video ads triggered by a user’s engagement with a call-to-action, typically a button. This ad format stands out from conventional video or interstitial ads as it offers a clear value exchange: users receive a reward for their attention. The process is remarkably straightforward:

  1. A user is offered a reward for watching an ad on your site.
  2. The user clicks the associated button to accept the offer.
  3. An overlay opens over the site content, and the video ad plays.
  4. Upon completion, the user receives the promised reward.

One notable aspect of this ad format is that it only plays when the user opts in, reducing the risk of audience annoyance or ad fatigue.

Who Can Benefit from Rewarded Video Ads?

This unique ad format is not limited to any specific category of publishers. Whether you’re an app publisher, a mobile game publisher, or a content site owner with a freemium or subscription model, rewarded video ads can enhance your revenue streams.

The key lies in understanding what reward would be enticing for your users. For game publishers, digital currency or extra lives could be ideal rewards. Content sites, on the other hand, could offer access to premium articles or exclusive content.

How to Implement Rewarded Video Ads

AppLixir, a leading provider of digital advertising solutions, has made the integration of their new web-rewarded video ad unit exceptionally straightforward. Their setup includes a suite of configurable options, such as frequency capping and back-fill and no-fill alternatives.

However, one crucial aspect of integrating this ad unit is clear messaging. Users must quickly understand that they will earn a valuable reward if they watch the video. Being explicit about this is, in fact, best practice.

Why Choose AppLixir ?

Distinctly recognized as premium inventory by supply-side platforms (SSPs), AppLixir raises the bar. Consequently, this recognition empowers publishers to demand higher CPMs. Users, knowing the value exchange, interact more with these ads. Therefore, advertisers readily pay a premium for these impressions.

Moreover, AppLixir guarantees full customization of your rewards, handing you the reins over user engagement with the ad unit. The rewards, ranging from virtual currency to premium content, are entirely at your discretion.

In summary, AppLixir Monetization create a win-win-win scenario for publishers, advertisers, and users alike. So, if you as a publisher are primed to harness the potential of this innovative ad format and benefit from premium CPMs, AppLixir is at your disposal.

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