Incentivized Cross-Game Promotion Techniques

Every mobile user out there is constantly searching for ways to add convenience and value to their life. When app stores are littered with millions of games, one of the cleverest things you can do to stand out is taking advantage of incentivized cross-game promotion. We’ll share what you need to know to implement this with your own games to increase revenue and user base.

What Cross-Game Promotion Is

With cross-game promotion, two games each promote the other to their audiences for a free means of advertisement. This is a great option for developers on a tight budget as the two companies simply offer ad placement for each other in their respective apps. It’s entirely free, but the downloads that come from the relationship can be considered a type of currency. It doesn’t matter if you’re swapping sales, downloads, clicks, or installs, the idea is that both companies offer something to value to the exchange.

Benefits and Pitfalls of Cross-Game Promotion

There are many benefits to choosing this option for revenue and user acquisition. As an app developer, you can target customers with your own ad inside of apps that users already enjoy and spend time with. It doesn’t hurt that it costs absolutely nothing to do so, which is uncommon when it comes to marketing.

However, you should know that cross-promoting does require a lot of testing, data analysis, and funnel optimization. If that’s something that sounds interesting to you, creating your platform or finding an existing one to join might be the best option.

There are tons of app developers out there with huge audiences. Because those people are already using and developing apps, promoting to them can be an excellent idea. You should be sure you aren’t doing this with a competitor, however. You also should know that determining whether you are getting the same value as the other developer can be challenging.

Options for Cross-Game Promotion Implementation

There are many different possibilities for a cross-game promotion that developers can implement and make use of. You can choose to deal directly with other developers. The two of you agree to use your own app to send traffic to the other app in exchange for the other party doing the same thing. A tracking mechanism or mediation layers will be needed.

You can also add advertising to games you already have. If you have a number of games on the market, you can choose to partner with an ad network that will ensure you promote your new game through in-house ads. There are also special advertising services that offer in-network cross-game promotion.

Cross-game promotion can work for any developer but does best for those who have an existing base of customers and a number of games. If you already have users who play and enjoy your games, you have more to offer the company that you swap advertisements with. However, this type of marketing promotion can be beneficial for any game developer, especially those on a budget.