Here at AppLixir, we do serve both Banner and Video Ads. So, we get to see results from each monetization options. The difference?


Video Ads outperform Banner Ads by atleast 7X factor.

Here are few of the things we have noticed as well,

Clean User Experience: quite to the contrary, game players are happier with a clean game experience that doesn’t involve annoying banner ads. Video ads on the other hand only show right after a game session ends – considered a break time – and right before the new game session starts.

Revenue – the major difference between banner and video ads is on the CPM and revenue potential. Although fill rates still pose an issue in video ads,, most games will see a 5-7x lift on revenue over banner ads.

Freedom for gamers – Giving gamers a complete control of the video viewing experience matter a LOT! Game players can watch video ads or close at any point in the process. Giving that full control of the video watching experience has significantly impacted video completion rates. As a result, we have a much higher video completion rate.

Video ads do perform exceptionally well compared to other monetization alternatives and will grow in significance as the months roll by — AppLixr works on fixed CPMs and guaranteed fill rates.