User Centered Video Ad Monetization

Sometimes the only way for a game developer to generate revenue is to implement ads within their game. But how can we implement these ads effectively without interrupting the flow of gameplay for the player? By integrating these ads correctly, it is possible that the player can come to appreciate them.

When implementing ads in your game, you want to make sure that they are not obstructing the player’s view or disrupting the pace of the game. For example, banners can easily get in the way of the player’s view and turn them off from playing altogether. The same goes for when a video ad is played at an inopportune time.

A better way to implement these ads into the game, is to offer incentive to the player for actively choosing to view them. This can be done by offering in-game rewards for watching a video ad, or displaying an ad when they decide to cancel a mission and return to the map. Keep in mind that a player may become resentful if they are forced to watch an entire ad, or if they do not know how long a video ad will last. Always give them the option to hide the ad, or at least see a timer on how long a video ad will last.

Everything considered, ads can be a way to monetize a free-to-play game while also offering positive incentive to the player. If the game design is built around these ads, then it’s a win win.

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