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We have looked at other companies before signing to AppLixir. They were very attentive to our integration needs. Results are even impressive. We have been using AppLixir Reward Video ads for the past 2 years and recommend AppLixir highly. Peter, Pet City Game
User Centered Video Ad Monetization Client

Sometimes the only way for a game developer to generate revenue is to implement ads within their game. But how can we implement these ads effectively without interrupting the flow of gameplay for the player? By integrating these ads correctly, it is...

App Engagement with or without Monetization Monetization

App Download rates have softened in most developed nations; 20% drop in the US alone. While App Download was certainly a good indicator, it never painted the full picture. We have seen Apps with millions of downloads but handful active users. I don't...

2017, Video Ad Monetization & Games Monetization

Online video Ad spend is expected to grow  31%  this year. Though a bigger portion of this growth is in mobile, Desktop Video Ad will grow in double digits too! So what’s in store for Game developers who want to join the waggon and make more money...

Optimizing Game for Reward Video Ads Monetization

[caption id="attachment_100" align="alignright" width="300"] Reward Video Ads[/caption] Game developers, big or small, constantly explore new and creative ways to integrate monetization tools. “How can I increase Average Revenue Per User without...

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