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About Applixir.
Our industry-leading solution delivers fast-loading video ads and twice the revenue of the competition.

AppLixir is the industry-leading reward video ad platform for web apps.

Our fast-loading reward video ad platform delivers twice the developer revenue of the competition and a user-experience that doesn't scare users away.

As a preferred ad partner of Google, Meta, Magnite, and Xandr, we are able to deliver premium ads and premium CPMs to customers, whether they have 1,000 or 10 million daily active users.

Our solution helps monetize web apps around the globe, and every single day our reward video ads are seen by millions of users on every continent.

AppLixir is headquartered in Seattle where it was founded in 2012. Since its foundation, the company has grown to have team members across three continents and seven countries. The company is led by industry-veterans who have been around since the early days of video advertising.
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  • Love helping creative people thrive e! 🔥 by pioneering the future of reward video ads Monetization at #AppLixir!
    Robel A.
    Strategy / CEO
  • Driving tech innovation to empower creators through cutting-edge reward video ad solutions at #AppLixir! 💡
    Dean K.
    Technology / CTO
  • Building bridges and forging partnerships for the next-gen reward video ad experiences at #AppLixir! 🤝
    Jackie C.
    Business Dev.
  • Crafting the web's finest for seamless reward video ad monetization platform at #AppLixir! 💻🚀
    Valery V.
    Web Lead Developer
  • Leading the charge in mobile, crafting stellar reward video ad experiences for #AppLixir! 💪📱 #WomenInTech
    Esraa K.
    Mobile Lead Developer
  • Orchestrating the tech symphony behind #AppLixir's groundbreaking reward video ad solutions! ⚒️ 🔍
    Jerry W.
    Technology Lead
  • Shaping the visual and interactive journey of reward video ads at #AppLixir, where user experience meets art! 🎨🖌️
    Ilya P.
    UI / UX Designer
  • Optimizing the forefront of Ad/PreBid tech, ensuring top-tier ad experiences & Payout at #AppLixir! 📈🎯
    Vedran T.
    Ad / PreBid
  • Fine-tuning ad performance to its peak, making every impression count at #AppLixir! 🎯📊
    Jaseem J.
    Ad Optimization
  • Empowering our partners' journeys, ensuring seamless success with every #AppLixir collaboration! 🤝🌟
    Baily T.
  • Designing delightful reward experiences, where user interactions meet gratification at #AppLixir! 🎁🖌️
    Anna M.
    Reward UI/UX
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