App Developers testing various monetization tools to earn additional revenue may want to consider Video Ad Monetization. Video Ads, when used correctly, can provide a substantial boost in revenue. So next question is, who, how, when …

Who? – choosing the right Video Ad Network

So which video ad network performs the best? That’s subjective since there are so many factors involved and no public information is available on which company provides the best App Monetization tool.

The starting point, for most game developers is the Facebook Developers Ad Provider list. Since most monetization platforms overlap between web and mobile, companies listed in this directory will likely provide what game developers need.

So how do you choose your video ad platform from the 100s of video ad platforms listed as providers?

For starters, we have tried to narrow it down to the active video ad platforms, then filtered it further by web vs mobile or both, pre-rolls vs reward video ads, post-back call options (browser / server to server).

The list is by no means exhaustive but serves as a starting point for game developers video ad monetization plans.

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