Rewarded video Ad is one of the most successful monetization tools utilized by Web and Mobile Games worldwide. When implemented right, Reward Video can increase user engagement, help increase opt-in rates, and even improve In App Purchases.

How can you implement an effective rewarded video ad system?

  1. Effective Game Designs

As a game designer, one should identify opt-in Game Rewards that are useful but not crucial and tie them with Rewarded Video Ads. Rewarded Video Ads should not serve as a “cheat pass”. What we have seen on game that implemented reward video ads as a cheat pass is, users do abuse the privilege. Reward Video ads should be placed as optional and useful but not crucial packages in the gaming experience.

  1. Personalized & Timely Rewards

One of the best ways to increase engagement using video ads is by segmenting your users and then offering rewards that matter to them. This might mean having one segment consisting of people that do not open the app very often. They might come back if they are offered larger rewards. On the other hand, offering rewards that provide exactly what a user needs can also be helpful. Having a helping hand when it matters most can make a huge difference.

  1. Give People What They Want

71% of all users surveyed in a recent study pointed out that they would much rather have reward video ads instead of a paid app or in-app purchases that are required to advance the game. When you want to reach your audience with the reward video ad, or just let your crew know that you appreciate them and everything that they do, you can hop online first to make sure that everything is done correctly.

According to Google, 50% of the people who were asked reported that they would be less satisfied if the reward video ad feature was removed. As many as 80% of users choose to opt-in to these video ads, and that’s changing the way that companies handle engagement.