Three Must-Watch Trends in Gaming

Games are currently in a really exciting time, no matter what genre you look at.  Players are super engaged with games that range from indie mobile titles to multiplayer platform blockbusters. This excitement has pushed new advancements in the world of video games, which is ensuring new innovation in the pipeline.

As this continues, as we believe that it will, it’s likely that development companies will need to adapt and make changes to be successful. That’s why being aware of trends to watch for is so important for anyone in the industry. Three of those trends can be found right here.

Free-to-Play Requires Robust Analytics and New Content

Companies creating free-to-play games need to consider analytics and data to ensure that engagement and monetization stay high. This has led to a continuous cycle of optimization which has only been possible due to the outrageous amounts of data that developers now have at their fingertips. This is a positive thing, but it does add a new layer to the game development pipeline.

With free-to-play games, there is a need for extended monetization cycles to ensure profits keep coming in. That leads to having shorter time to develop new content and get it out there to consumers to keep them excited about the games. Content providers are going to have to continue to find ways to frequently put out content to a group of consumers who expect it, especially if they’re paying for it in micro transactions.

Embrace of Diverse Games Played Across Platforms

Years ago, if you looked at the average game on the market, you’d probably find that it was available on one or maybe a couple of platforms. That is no longer the case today. More and more games are now being put out without a specific platform in mind, which is leading to the potential for a cross-platform future.

One of the things that makes this possible are open source solution that let developers build for various platforms without having to use proprietary services. This makes it possible to customize pre-existing solutions and simplify infrastructure design which saves on both money and time. With a higher level of access to competitive gaming hardware and internet connectivity, this is something that is likely to become the norm.

Well Integrated Monetization Tools (IAP and Reward Video Ads)

Those who are dependent on in-app-purchases (IAP) to generate revenue may find that incorporating ads to your monetization efforts is a strange shit. However, it’s becoming clear that there are many benefits to doing so. Those who have both reward video ads and IAP in their games have higher retention than those who use only one strategy.

There is a lot that goes into properly integrating both of these things. It starts with considering user flow to choose the right places for ads, testing and iterating the right ads to use, and then looking at data to find out what is working and what isn’t. It is a lot of work but it’s likely to be what sets developers apart when it comes to making big profits as we move into the future.

When looking toward the future, the important thing to consider is how those in the video game industry can continue to build great games that go on to be successful. Each of the trends above plays into the ability to be more creative and offer more to consumers. This is definitely a fantastic time to be a part of that ride, so long as you put it all into practice.

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