The “S+S+S” Gift inside our “New SDK”

AppLixir Version 2, simply put, is our “Gift to the Game Developer World” who want to use Reward Video Ads to monetize Facebook, iOS or Android Apps. We have spent countless hours and months developing the simplest, and yet the most capable, reward video Ad integration. Here are few things you need to know about AppLixir Web V2.

  1. Simple, simple and simple Integration

There is no need to install any code whatsoever. The basic 3 steps required to start serving AppLixir reward video Ads are.

Insert the V2-Snippet.txt file here –>

  • <script type=’text/javascript’ src=””></script>
    <div id=”applixir_vanishing_div”><iframe id=”applixir_parent”></iframe></div>
    <script type=”application/javascript”>
    function adStatusCallback(status) {
    console.log(‘Ad Status:’, status);
    var options = {
    zoneId: 1838, // the zone ID from the “Games” page
    devId: 36, // your developer ID from the “Account” page
    gameId: 3922, // the ID for this game from the “Games” page
    adStatusCb: adStatusCallback, // optional
    fallback: 1,
    verbosity: 0

And you are done! You can start serving Video Ads after the above 3 basic steps. Here is how the implementation will look once you are done.

  1. Secure Server to server Callbacks

The basic premise of ‘Reward Video Ads” is you get to reward users who have watched a video Ad. More often than not, users do and will find loopholes where they can get rewards without watching the Video Ad. You will be giving reward without making money. This situation, if done by many players, can easily destroy your In-App-Purchase efforts and In-Game Currency. AppLixir V2 SDK gives you a complete security of “Browser + Server-to-server + Local” callback in ONE go.

For more information on security measures, please visit

  1. Supply of Video Advertisements

With our new HTML5 Media player, we have an increased supply of Advertisers. As you know, the Ad industry has shifted from Flash to HTML based media player. In 2017 alone, 95%+ of the advertisers have shifted to a pure HTML5 Media Ad Serving. With the launch of our pure HTL5 Media player, we will have the opportunity to access high premium Big Ad Spenders, hence significantly improving CPM ad Fill-rates

See current CPM rates at

That’s why I mentioned, in the beginning of my post, V2 is our gift to the Game Developer world. The Combination of

  • Simple, simple and Simple Integration
  • Secure Server to server Callbacks
  • Supply of Video Ads

These are all the things many Game developers have asked us before and now available at AppLixir