Making Rewarded Video Ad Monetization Work for You

Defining of Monetization

In a previous article, I discussed the monetization of HTML5 games. Continuing down the path of monetization, I would like to share some insights on implementing the most effective monetization strategy when using Rewarded Video Ads. Here is a Table of Content for an easy reading

First and foremost, it is important to clarify the term ‘Monetization’ to avoid any misunderstanding. Monetization is the act of generating revenue from an asset, business, or service. It involves a variety of strategies and methods to generate income, such as selling products, charging for access to content or services, advertising, subscriptions, and so on.

What is Rewarded Video Ad?

Rewarded video ads are a form of advertisement in which users receive rewards, such as in-game currency, items, or additional lives, in return for watching a video advertisement.

Rewarded video ads stand out from other monetization methods because they are voluntary, offer value to the user, and usually lead to higher engagement and a more positive user experience.

What makes it different from other forms of monetization?

Voluntary Participation: The voluntary nature of rewarded video ads means that users are likely to be more receptive when watching the ad, leading to higher engagement and improved ad performance.

User Choice: Users opt to watch rewarded video ads to receive a reward, such as in-game currency, premium content, or additional app features. This contrasts with other ad types, like banner ads or interstitial ads, which are often shown without the user’s explicit consent.

A perfect Rewarded VIdeo Ad Example

The Focus on User experience?

The user experience is pivotal for the success of any app or digital product. Here are several reasons why you should prioritize user experience when implementing rewarded video ads:

  1. User Satisfaction: Ensuring a positive user experience is key to keeping users satisfied and engaged with your app. Poorly implemented rewarded video ads can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction, potentially causing users to abandon your app.
  2. User Retention: Satisfied users are more likely to return to your app. A positive experience with rewarded video ads can boost user retention rates. If users perceive the rewarded video ads as valuable and non-intrusive, they are more likely to continue using your app.
  3. Monetization: Rewarded video ads help monetize your app. Positive user experiences with ads encourage interaction, increasing ad revenue. Negative experiences can cause users to leave, decreasing ad revenue.
  4. Reputation: The overall user experience influences your app’s reputation. This includes experiences with rewarded video ads. Positive experiences can lead to good reviews and referrals. Negative experiences can lead to bad reviews and a damaged reputation.
  5. User Engagement: Positive user experiences increase user engagement. If users enjoy your app and find the ads valuable and non-intrusive, they will engage more with your app and the ads.


How you can do to get the best revenue from RVA

  • Frequency – It is important to maintain a reasonable interval between rewarded video ads. Ideally, a 5-minute gap between two rewarded video ad requests is recommended. This not only enhances the gaming experience but also boosts Ad CPM and Fill-rate.
  • Value – The rewards for watching videos should be of significant value in the game. For example, if the reward for spending 30 seconds watching a video is only “one coin”, it may not be worth it for the player. Conversely, offering too much can lead to “Reward Abuse”. Therefore, as a game developer, it is crucial to find the optimal balance where watching ads is sufficiently rewarding.
  • Design Monetization from the Start – For many game developers, monetization is often considered as an ‘afterthought’ and is addressed after the entire game experience has been designed. Consequently, Rewarded Video Ads become a last-minute addition. This approach does not allow for seamless integration as it should. Therefore, monetization should be incorporated into the design process from the beginning.

Implementing rewarded video ads requires a thoughtful approach that prioritizes user experience. By ensuring user satisfaction, retention, and engagement, you can create a positive experience that benefits both the users and the app’s overall success.

Rewarded Video Ad with AppLixir 4