Leveraging AppLixir for Better Monetization in Unity / WebGL Games

Leveraging AppLixir for Better Monetization in Unity / WebGL Games

The ability to effectively monetize Unity Games (esp web games) can be just as critical as its design and gameplay. For developers, this means not only creating engaging experiences but also establishing a sustainable revenue model. The challenge, however, lies in balancing monetization with user experience, ensuring that revenue generation mechanisms, such as advertisements or in-app purchases, do not disrupt the gameplay or alienate the players.

WebGL developers face hurdles in seamlessly integrating effective monetization solutions due to most platform’s inherent limitations and variability in performance across different web browsers.

In the following sections, we will explore how AppLixir is integrated with Unity / WebGL projects, the benefits it brings to game monetization, and share some best practices for maximizing revenue without detracting from the player experience.

AppLixir provides a suite of tools that simplifies the integration of rewarded video ads, a popular monetization strategy, into games. These tools are crafted to enhance user engagement without compromising the gaming experience, thereby addressing common monetization challenges faced by developers. By integrating AppLixir, developers can not only streamline their monetization processes but also ensure that they are optimized for the unique environments of Unity / WebGL games.

Overview of AppLixir

Continuing on “Leveraging AppLixir for Better Monetization in Unity / WebGL Games” post, AppLixir is a monetization platform that specializes in integrating rewarded video ads into games and applications, particularly those developed on Unity and WebGL platforms. Recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities within these development environments, AppLixir offers a suite of tools designed to enhance game monetization through an innovative and user-friendly approach.

Rewarded Video Ad Integration for Unity/WebGL

AppLixir’s solutions are specifically engineered to meet the demands of Unity / WebGL developers. Here are the

Step 1: Add a Site and generate your Developer & Site IDs for your Unity Game

The following examples show the integration steps required for invoking ads and transferring ad events between a Unity app and HTML5 AppLixir ads. Please note that you will not be able to copy/paste this code without making some modifications to parameters for the specific options you are using which are noted in comments.

Step 2: .jslib file setup for your Unity Game

In Unity, create a .jslib file that will be merged into the WebGL project. Such as the example: applixir.unity.jslib

Step 3: Setup C# wrapper

This C# code will call through to the ShowVideo() JS function, the ShowVideo() function will set the required options, save a reference to the callback method (back into unity) and then

invoke Applixir to show a video unit. The C# code will define an export to enable access from C#. Using a wrapper such as applixir.unity.cs:

Step 4: Setup HTML template to your Unity Game

Your HTML setup will largely depend on whatever HTML you may already be using. See our HTML5 integration documentation for more information. The following is a simple html template for the additional Unity integration steps you may require (this example assumes WebGL):

Step 5: Insert / Update Your Ads.txt file to your Unity Game

Ads.txt stands for Authorized Digital Sellers and is a simple, flexible, and secure method that publishers and distributors can use to publicly declare the companies they authorize to sell their digital inventory. We require that you include our ads.txt information in your site.

Key Features of AppLixir

Continuing on “Leveraging AppLixir for Better Monetization in Unity / WebGL Games” post, key beneifits include,

  • Rewarded Video Ads: AppLixir allows developers players choose to watch in exchange for in-game benefits. This feature not only helps increase revenue but also boosts player engagement and retention by providing value to the players.
  • Easy Integration: The platform provides a straightforward SDK for Unity developers, along with simple API integration for WebGL games. It ensures that incorporating AppLixir into your project is seamless and requires minimal development effort.
  • Customizable Ad Placements: Developers choose where and when ads are displayed. This customization capacity allows for optimal user experience and effective monetization, tailored to each game’s design and player interaction patterns.
  • Performance Analytics: AppLixir includes comprehensive analytics tools that track ad performance, player engagement, and revenue generation. These insights enable developers to make data-driven decisions to refine their monetization strategies and improve overall game performance.
  • Global Ad Inventory: The platform connects to a wide range of advertisers, providing a diverse selection of high-quality ads worldwide. This global reach helps maximize the potential revenue for developers, regardless of their target market.