3 Big Mistakes When using Reward Video Ads

Unless you’ve been living under that proverbial rock, you’ve heard of reward video ads and their ability to help app developers and publishers build revenue while boosting user engagement and adoption. The good news is that those claims are true – reward video ads offer plenty of value and traction. However, there are some mistakes that you need to avoid when implementing these ads if you want to see profitability and success.

  1.      Frequency of Reward Video Ads

One of the most important issues to avoid is showing ads too frequently. While your natural inclination might be to insert video ads wherever possible, it’s important to tone things down. You should design your ad frequency with an eye toward playability, inserting reward video ads within natural breaks in the action of the game. For instance, after players clear a board, offer the chance to watch an ad in exchange for in-game currency or upgrades that they can use for the next board. Whatever you do, don’t put ads in the middle of a board (or other gameplay) where fluidity is crucial to player experience. A lower frequency is generally better.

2.      No Value

It’s vital that you offer valuable rewards for your players/app users. Misjudging the value could have devastating results for your marketing efforts. For instance, suppose you were to offer a reward video ad just before players went to battle a boss. However, you chose to offer basic rewards – things that could be obtained almost anywhere else in the game. Your players would be more than a little disappointed with the experience. Instead, offer special upgrades, powers, tools or weapons specific to defeating the boss, and you might find that your players are far more willing to watch the reward video (and then watch it again, and again if the boss is too tough for them).

3.      Using Force

It’s important to understand that reward video ads work best when they’re optional. Forcing your users to sit through a video, even in exchange for some sort of reward, is going to backfire. Your users want control, and they will defect if they feel that you are forcing them to do something against their will. So, rather than requiring your users to sit through a video ad (we’re looking at you, Words With Friends!), make those ads optional, and make your rewards valuable. When you force your users to sit through a video, you automatically negate engagement. They’re tuning out. They might even be muting the ad, or putting the device down just so they don’t have to watch it.

There you have three of the most crucial mistakes to avoid when implementing reward video ads within your app. Ultimately, this can be an incredibly good decision, offering not just the chance to build profitability, but to boost user engagement. However, when done incorrectly, it can have negative effects, including the defection of users and the loss of profit. Be smart with your implementation.