2023 Monetization Outlook

In this article, I will try to say few words on 2023 outlooks I have read – Trend in rewarded video ads in mobile gaming and its impact on user experience. Writing outlooks is always a hard subject. On one hand, it requires making informed predictions based on current trends and data, offering valuable foresight. On the other, the inherent unpredictability of the future means these speculations can be proven wrong, risking the author’s credibility. Striking a balance between a well-informed projection and the acceptance of uncertainty is the challenge faced by those drafting a future perspective.

Rewarded Video Ads have been a popular monetization strategy for mobile games, as they offer players in-game rewards for watching advertisements. This type of advertising is expected to continue to grow in popularity in 2023, as players are more likely to engage with ads if they are offered something of value in return.

In addition to traditional reward video ads, it is likely that new and innovative forms of reward-based ads will emerge, such as augmented reality ads and interactive video ads. Game developers will need to balance the use of reward video ads with other monetization strategies, such as in-app purchases and subscriptions, to ensure the best user experience for players. As the market becomes more competitive, the use of reward video ads will also become more sophisticated, with a focus on targeting and personalization to drive maximum engagement and revenue.

Rewarded Video Ad adoption is likely going to increase in 2023 too.

While reading through various articles about 2023 outlook, I did come across few articles that are good. From time to time, it’s good to share those articles here in AppLixir Rewarded Video Ad Platform as well, so here we go.

The article on “The Mobile Games Industry in the Year 2023” discusses the current state and future outlook of the mobile gaming industry. It highlights the significant growth and revenue generated by mobile games in recent years and the potential for further growth in the future. The article also mentions the increasing competition in the market and the importance of innovation and creativity for success in the industry.

The LinkedIn article “The 2022 Year When Developers Kissed High ECPMS Goodbye” discusses the decline in average revenue per thousand impressions (ECPMS) in the mobile game industry in 2022. The author attributes this decline to several factors, including saturation in the market, increased competition, and changes in consumer behavior. The article also highlights the importance of adapting to these changes and finding new ways to generate revenue in the industry.

I will try to update this article whenever I get new insights on Trend in rewarded video ads in mobile gaming and its impact on user experience