2017, Video Ad Monetization & Games

Online video Ad spend is expected to grow 31% this year. Though a bigger portion of this growth is in mobile,
Desktop Video Ad will grow in double digits too!

So what’s in store for Game developers who want to join the waggon and make more money using reward video ads or Pre-roll video ads?

Here are the key trends that we expect to see as we march into 2017?

  • More Video Ad budget will flow to Social Networks and Social Games

Marketers compete for our attention and if 2016 was any indicator, we spend a LOT of time on social network sites! We get our news, our entertainment and our games. So we will see many Game developers tapping to these platforms.

We will also see more engaging Brand ads trying to create emotional connections hoping for a Message Viral Spread.

  • Reward Video Ads will garner more demand

Brands want to make sure their Ad message gets communicated the right way and is fully viewed (i.e. measuring performance and viewability)

If these metrics are adopted as performance indicators, Brands will see “Reward Video Ads” as the best format to communicate a marketing message. Not many sites provide a meaningful reward structure as Games do, hence more money is expected to flow to Games.

You will also see Game developers expanding entry points for Reward Video Ads.

  • Gaming on newer platforms like AI

Pokémon Go and other games have confirmed that users are ready for augmented reality experiences. We expect Game developers rallying around products like Google Cardboard, Daydream and others that are making virtual reality far more accessible, so video advertising will become increasingly experiential over the coming months.


All in all, 2017 will be a year Game Developers will thrive by adapting various monetization tools available in the market. AppLixir is a Video Advertising Platform that helps game developers on facebook, iOS and Android to make more money with rewarded Video Ads.

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