Reward video monetization.
Monetize your web app with AppLixir reward video ads.
Reward video is what we do.
We are focused solely on optimizing the experience, delivery, and monetization of reward videos. It’s why we are leading in the industry on payout and user experience.
Double the revenue.
Our customers have seen AppLixir deliver twice the revenue of competitors. Our constant optimization gives you higher CPMs, better fulfillment, and global coverage.
Built for Web Apps.
The AppLixir platform is designed specifically for web app developers. Easy to get started, fast onboarding, and zero upkeep. We work with apps from 1,000 to 10M+ Daily Active Users (DAUs).
Monetize any app.
Our one-line Javascript can be integrated into virtually any type of app and we provide step-by-step documentation and personalized support.
Photo editing
File sharing
URL shortener
Web game
Mobile game
Unreal Engine
Wordpress site
Content site
Wi-Fi Access
VPN service
AI generation
Find out how much you can make.
Tell us your app’s MAU numbers and we’ll tell you how much revenue you can expect to make by integrating AppLixir into your web app.
Preferred ad partner.
AppLixir not only works with all the major ad exchanges, we are also a preferred partner for Google, Magnite, Xandr, and Meta.
Trusted by web app developers across the world
We work with web apps across the world and of all sizes from thousands to millions of daily active users.
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