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We have looked at other companies before signing to AppLixir. They were very attentive to our integration needs. Results are even impressive. We have been using AppLixir Video ads for the past 2 years and recommend AppLixir highly. Peter, Pet City Game
CPM and CPA Pricing Methods in Video Ads Monetization

The reality is, Banner & Video Ads help run the Web. Ads support all the free services and contents we enjoy on the web; including games. There are several Ad formats – video, several banner formats, etc. In this post, I want to quickly...

How do Free Apps Make Money? Monetization

Most of us use free apps on our mobile devices. But have you wondered what keeps our favorite apps afloat? What is keeping the developers in business and helps us get our daily dose of App Entertainment? If you are a game developer or thinking...

The Hidden Costs of Implementing Reward Video Ads   Monetization

If you have taken any medication, you are likely aware of the unlikely side effects of the medication in your body. Since the advantage of taking the med far outweighs the damage it does, you will take it. it’s the same with implementing reward video...

How to earn millions on Reward Video Ads the Crossy Road way Monetization

The creators of Crossy Road just wanted to make a simple, yet fresh remake of the all-time arcade classic – Frogger; it ended up becoming one of the most downloaded, highest income generating mobile games of all times grossing more than $10...

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